"MARCO TULIO is one of the most promising musicians of the new generation of Brazilians that landed in the U.S. recently. His music is precise and gentle, and at the same time it commands attention and imagination".

FLORA PURIM, Brazilian Jazz singer.

Brazilian guitarist Marco Tulio was born in Cuiabá (capital of the state of Mato Grosso) and was raised in Brasília (capital of Brazil). Marco is a graduate (1984) of Seminários de Música Pró-Arte, a prestigious music school in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He studied with Maestro Carlos Alberto Figueiredo, guitarists Luiz Felipe Oiticica and Celso Mendes. In Rio he also studied Harmony & Arranging with Sergio Benevenuto.

In 1990 he came to the United States for the first time, to study at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. He studied with guitarists Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, Norman Brown and with pianist/composer Carl Schroeder. After graduating with "Honors" from MI he went back to Brazil and opened a music school (Music Makers) where he taught Guitar, Harmony & Improvisation for over 6 years.

In 1997 Marco Tulio got the "Virtuosi Award" from the Ministry of Culture of Brazil. At the end of that year he moved to Los Angeles.

Marco Tulio plays a great mix of versatile music styles: Brazilian Music, Latin Music, Pop, Rock, and Jazz. His diverse musical background allows him to authentically play in any of those styles.

He has performed at many corporate functions for companies such as Mastercard, Samsung, American Airlines, Stephen Webster, Chrysler, Bank of America, Toyota, Land o' Lakes, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Toshiba, Nissan, Time Warner Cable, among others, as well as countless weddings and private functions.

Marco has played at many private events for celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Arnold Schwartzneger, Oscar De La Renta, Dr. Phil, Magic Johnson, and Rob Lowe.

As a member of the band Klezmer Juice Marco recorded one song for the soundtrack of the movie The Wedding Crashers (Directed by David Dobkin for New Line Cinema) - released in July, 2005, starring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Christopher Walken. Marco and the group also appeared in a scene in the movie.

Other soundtracks credits: Luna (Directed by Donna Brockopp), Loon (Directed by Sabi Lofgren), Life on a Leash (Directed by Susan diRende), Dona Remi (Documentary produced by F.J. Productions, Inc.), and Stained Glass (Directed by Lee Stokes).

In April, 2007 the Marco Tulio Trio opened for pop singer Sheryl Crow at an event for Mastercard.

Marco has been performing and recording extensively in Los Angeles with great musicians, singers and producers such Thalia, Roy Firestone, Peter Hlavin, “P” Washington, Shevon Nieto, Richie "Gajate" Garcia, Dan Kuramoto, June Kuramoto, Rique Pantoja, Frank Zottoli, Robert Kyle, Guillermo Guzman, Jose Marino, Linnea Ross, Miguel Rivera, Erik Hjelt, Ann Drexler, Larry Rousseve, Mark Gutierrez, Mitchell Long, Kamal Kozah, Mitch Espe, Eric Harper, Kimera, Irene, Flavia de Mello, Gustavo Bulgach, Javelyn, Katia Moraes, Nayzeth, Ana Gazzola, Sonia Santos, the group Brasil Brazil, Diana Moreira Booker, Victor Serraldi, Marta Santamaria, Renni Flores, Ron Javorsky, and Antonio Santanna.

In 2001 he released his first CD as a leader in the US called Eleven Bridges with all original compositions, featuring: keyboardist Rique Pantoja, saxophonist George Shelby, flute player Darryl Richards, bassists Ernest Tibbs and Antonio de Santanna, drummers Tim McIntyre and Mike Shapiro, percussionist Cassio Duarte.